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2003-Ontario Off Road Racing Association Round 2

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2002-Ontario-Canadian Truck Nationals

2002-BC Kamloops Short Course Round 2

2002-Ontario-Oshweken Canada Day Mud Races

2002-Ontario Off Road Racing Association Round 3

2002-BC-Kamloops Short Course Round 1

2002-Ontario Off Road Racing Association Round 1

2003 Ontario Off Road Racing Association Round 2

Ottawa area racers Steve and Neil Martel had a great display near the enterance to pit row.

Article and photos by Wes Kibble
More photos on the OFF ROAD ACTION WEBSHOTS page.

The first weekend in June provided some great off road racing at the North Agusta Motorsports Park. There was everything from wheel to wheel racing, mud drags, truck and tractor pulls, and monster truck rides all going on at the same time.

Announcer Mark Chartrand decided to try his hand at racing and built this Class 6 car over the winter. This up and coming class is allows rookie drivers to get involved in off road racing with a minimal cost.

The Ontario Off Road Racing Association put on a wild show with a few rollovers and lots of carnage. In the Saturday heat race, Bob Joseph brought out his recently purchased Class 10 buggy and managed barely squeak out a win over Paul Robertson while Ken Sherrett did a nice little rollover that started his problems for the rest of the day. The Class 1600 car count was very low this race, with Randy Guenther beating Jeff Zoskey, who had shifter problems. Announcer Marc Chartrand brought his newly built Class 6 car, but had no competition and overheating problems.

Randy Guenther took a clean sweep in Class 1600 over the weekend. The Hamilton racer is currently leading the class points.

Steve Martel won the Heavy Metal heat race in his big white and blue F150, followed by Jason Mackenzie in his Chevy in second, Telly Sorel in his bright green Chev in third even with power steering problems, Neil Martel in fourth, who’s 2wd, 4cylinder Ford Ranger was sporting a bright new paint job after the last races rollover, fifth place finisher Kevin Kern had a new style GM body added to his truck, while Ed Sanderson finished in sixth, followed by Rich Tichbourne in his GM pickup in last as a result of a broken throttle cable.

Veteran racer Telly Sorel returned to the OORA this year with a bang! He is quickly getting his new truck dialed in, as the two wins in the Heavy Metal main events will prove!

The main event races on Saturday were full of excitement! Paul Robertson and Bob Joseph had some very close racing in Class 10, but in the end it was Paul that carried the checkered flag. Fellow class 10 driver Ken Sherrett was suffering from problems due to his rollover earlier in the day. Class 1600 racer Jeff Zoskey was still fighting shifter problems and placed second in class to Randy Guenther in his yellow two-seat buggy.

Veteran Class 1600 buggy race Bob Joseph brought out his recently purchased Class 10 buggy. He was smiling all day long!

Class 4 had some wild action with Steve Martel and Jason McKenzie tangling in the first corner. Steve had to exit the track and replace his right rear tire, but he did manage to get back on the track and receive his finishing points. In the end, it was Telly Sorel in his mean green Chevy, followed by Ed Sanderson in the yellow Hummer look a like, Jason McKenzie in his Chevy, Neil Martel in the Ford Ranger, Kevin Kern in the beautiful GM, Scott Tichbourne driving his dads Dirt Eater GM, and Steve Martel, whom is usually a front runner but dropped back a lap or two because of the flat tire on the first lap.

After his rollover at the last race of the 2002 season, Ottawa racer Kevin Kern showed up with a new body style on his Class 4 truck.

There was some minor repairs made on Saturday night and almost everyone was ready on Sunday morning. In the Sunday Class 10 heat race, Paul Robertson and Bob Joseph had a good battle, but it was Paul that came out on top. Randy Guenther won the Class 1600 race again over Jeff Zosky. Once again, Marc Chatrand was the only Class 6 entry in his car. In the Heavy Metal, Steve Martel in his big Ford was the winner, followed by Jason McKenzie in his flamed Chevy, Kevin Kern in his clean GM, Neil Martel in the Ranger, Ed Sanderson in the yellow Hummer look a like, Telly Sorel in the lime Chevy and Scott Tichbourne dropped out with transfer case problems.

The tough truck event includes cars too! The cars seemed to provide a better response from the crowds!

In the Feature race, it was again Paul Robertson over Bob Joseph in Class 10 and Randy Guenther over Jeff Zoskey in Class 1600. The Heavy Metal Challenge provided some awesome racing! It left many spectators either breathless or with sore throats from cheering so much! In the end, it was Telly Sorel in the lime green fighting machine Chevy over Steve Martel in the big white and blue Ford, followed by Ed Sanderson in the yellow Hummer look a like, Neil Martel in the 4 cylinder Ranger, Kevin Kern in the bright GM and Jason McKenzie rolled on the last lap while fighting for a place in the top 3. While he was ok, the truck will need some new body panels by the next race!

Guelph area race Paul Robertson brought out his Rabbit powered Class 10 buggy for some fun.

Overall, the Ontario Off Road Racing Association put on a great race. While the vehicle count was a little low, the high paced action more than made up for it! If you would like to become involved in the OORA, or attend a race, contact me at

Randy Guenthers new co driver seems to be bringing him some luck this year. He won every race at Brockville and is currently leading the points.

It is Ford vs. Chevy as Steve Martel and Scott Tichbourne battle it out.

There is nobody else running in Class 7 Mini Truck this year, so Neil Martel is racing against the V8's in Class 4 and holding his own.

Ed Sanderson had some setbacks in the Class 4 heat races, but placed well in the main events.